Not using the right tires is a waste.

If a tire has a chance to be punctured, this is where and when it’s likely going to happen. We arm tires against punctures, so you can have the peace of mind in knowing that the only waste you’ll have is the one that your trucks are dumping. To learn more about garbage truck tires and recycling truck tires that can withstand pretty much anything, check out our Goodyear Duraseal products.

Waste Haul Tires

Goodyear Endurance WHA
Goodyear Endurance WHA Duraseal
Goodyear G177
Goodyear Goodyear G177 Severe Service Drive Axle Tire For The Most Rugged Off-Road Conditions Such As Coal Fields (Not Recommended For Extended High Speed Highway Service)
Goodyear G278 MSD
Goodyear Goodyear G278 MSD Tough Super Single Tire for Severe Service Conditions
Goodyear G282 MSD
Goodyear Goodyear G282 MSD For Long on/Off-Highway Performance
Goodyear G289 WHA
Goodyear Goodyear G289 WHA Offers A 68 MPH Speed Rating And Helps Provide Outstanding Performance In Waste Haul Applications
Dunlop SP881
Dunlop Dunlop SP881 Mixed Service Drive Radial Specially Designed to Resist Cutting and Chipping
Dunlop SP231A
Dunlop Dunlop SP231A All-Position Super Single
Dunlop SP281
Dunlop Dunlop SP281 All-Position Super Single
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Client Testimonials

Tom Ing, Maintenance Superintendent WASTECH
“...Fountain Tire is more than just a tire sales company, they provide a service for my fleet of trailers. You (Fountain Tire) are truly customer service oriented and you recognize the fact that if we...”
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