The longer the haul, the more you need our tires.

Long haul driving is not just for any driver. It takes a special individual to be able to haul freight across the country. Admittedly, it also takes a special brand of semi truck tire – which we just happen to carry.

Line Haul Tires

G316 Fuel Max
Goodyear G316 Fuel Max Helps Reduce Rolling Resistance To Promote Fuel Economy
G316 FuelMaxDuraseal
Goodyear G316 FuelMaxDuraseal Fuel-Efficient Trailer Tire That Seals Punctures
G622 RSD
Goodyear G622 RSD Unisteel Light Truck Regional Service Drive tire designed to meet the tough demands of Urban/Pick Up & Delivery applications
G647 RSS
Goodyear G647 RSS Superb Choice For Pick-Up and Delivery, High-Scrub, High Delivery Applications
Goodyear G661HSA Enhanced Toughness For High-Scrub Applications
Goodyear G114 Long, Even Wearing Tire For Free-Rolling Wheel Positions
PC G316 AT Fuel Max 12/32
PC G282 MSD 26/32
UC G289 WHA 26/32
PC LCT 11 UVC 11/32
PC G296 MSA 23/32
PC Wide Base Rib MSA 16/32
Dunlop SP160 All-Position Tire with Steer Axle Capability
SP193 Fuel Max
Dunlop SP193 Fuel Max Promotes Fuel Economy to Help Save Money
SP384 Fuel Max
Dunlop SP384 Fuel Max Fuel-Efficient Steer Tire With All-Position Capability.
SP456 Fuel Max
Dunlop SP456 Fuel Max Drive Tire That Balances Fuel Efficiency And Mileage.
Dunlop SP464 Tough Casing For Long Oringial Tread Life.
Armorsteel KLS
Kelly Armorsteel KLS Long Haul Steer Tire
Armorsteel KTSA
Kelly Armorsteel KTSA Line haul trailer
Armorsteelsteel KDA
Kelly Armorsteelsteel KDA Line Haul Drive
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