Retread Warranty

Goodyear virgin casing when casing fails

To be written up on a standard Goodyear adjustment for either at the store or at the retread plant and credit is issued back to the operation that made the claim. 

Goodyear casing with one or more caps, but under 4 years old

Same procedure as above. 

Other Brand casing where cap and casing was purchased form the retread plant

Cap and casing are guaranteed for 100% of the tread life. 

Can be handled by Goodyear on a standard claim form but will be charged back to the plant that produced the cap. 

Or it could be handled by returning the cap to originating plant for credit on the cap and casing. 

Other brand casing supplied by customer for recapping

The casing is guaranteed for the first 25% of the tread life. Should the casing fail in the first 25%, the store or customer will be credited back for the casing at current price and remaining tread on the cap. 

In any of the cases above where there is a failure such as an edge lift, cap peel, or other failures where the casing can still be reworked and put back into service the adjustment can be handled one of two ways:

1. Processed through Goodyear by way of the standard warranty claim form.

2. Contact the production plant and make arrangements to either rework the retread or receive a credit for cap and casing.

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