Privacy Policy

Privacy Commitment

Just as Fountain Tire1 is committed to providing you with quality products and service, we are also committed to protecting your privacy.  Our commitment to safeguarding the personal information you entrust us with is reflected in our Fountain Tire Privacy Code, which sets out our principles regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

The following is a brief summary of our privacy practices. 2

Why do we collect and how do we use your personal information?

Fountain Tire collects personal information for the following purposes:

When visiting our website, some areas may request that you voluntarily provide personal information including your name, address, etc., for purposes such as obtaining tire quotes or offering your feedback.  In addition, we may collect other information from your use of our website and we assure you that this information will at all times be treated in accordance with our Fountain Tire Privacy Code.

 When do we disclose your personal information?

Fountain Tire does not disclose your personal information to any third parties other than:

Consent for collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

To achieve the purposes set out above, Fountain Tire would like to have your consent to continue to collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Fountain Tire Privacy Code.  You have the option of refusing or withdrawing your consent at any time unless it is required to provide you with the products or services you request or to provide you with necessary information relating to your accounts with us or is otherwise required by law; however, your refusal or withdrawal may impede our ability to serve you. 

In addition, you have the right to request access to your personal information and, if incomplete or inaccurate, to request correction to it. You can do this by contacting Fountain Tire through the information listed below under the heading "Inquiries." We will provide you with access to your personal information, except where we are prohibited by law from doing so, or are permitted by law to restrict your access and have legitimate business or legal reasons for doing so. Due to the private nature of much of the information we maintain, it is Fountain Tire's policy not to permit disclosure over the phone or via e-mail. Instead we will make other more secure arrangements for you to access your information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, please contact us as set out below. Otherwise, we will assume that we have your consent to continue to collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Fountain Tire Privacy Code.

Protection of Personal Information

Fountain Tire holds all personal information in secure databases and limits accessibility.  Our employees follow our internally set procedures to ensure the protection of your personal information. Fountain Tire will ensure that if it discloses your personal information to a third party that a comparable level of protection is in place to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.


For more information regarding our privacy practices or for any questions or concerns you may have, please call (780) 464-3700 and ask to speak to our privacy officer(s) or write us

1.             In this Privacy Commitment, "Fountain Tire",  "we", "us" and similar terms mean (collectively) Fountain Tire Ltd. and its wholly and partially owned subsidiaries and affiliates, as they may exist from time to time.

2.             This Privacy Commitment (a) is subject to all applicable laws and regulations and the Fountain Tire Privacy Code; (b) does not apply to information regarding our corporate customers (although their information may be protected by other practices including agreements between Fountain Tire and the corporate customer in question); and (c) does not apply to personal information that is publicly available and is permitted by law to be collected, used or disclosed without consent.

  • To establish and maintain relationships with you;
  • To provide you with requested and ongoing products and services;
  • To obtain a better understanding of you and your requirements and preferences;
  • To develop, enhance and/or market products and services to you;
  • To offer various contests/promotions to you;
  • To improve our business; and
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Within the Fountain Tire1 organization;
  • Persons and organizations employed or retained by Fountain Tire to assist in marketing and/or business development and other administrative functions;
  • Organizations retained by Fountain Tire to assist in evaluation of creditworthiness or collection of accounts;
  • Public authorities, where required by law; and
  • Those whom you have given us express permission to disclose your personal information to.


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