OTR Tires

No matter the situation or need, we have tires for your OTR vehicle. Browse our selection. 

Goodyear AS-3A Unique, all-season radial tire for use in grader applications
Goodyear AT-2A On and off road design for special purpose vehicles.
Goodyear ELV-4/5A 150-level, bias port tire having maximum wear in applications where traction is required
Goodyear ELV-4B 150-level bias port service tire for use when traction is required
Goodyear ELV-5A 150-level, bias port tire having maximum wear in applications where traction is required.
Goodyear ELV-5D 250-level smooth bias tire for maximum wear in port and handling applications with enhanced bead and sidewall construction for outstanding stability and damping.
Henan G26
Henan Henan G26 The Henan G26 has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance in all applications.
G3000 G2
Harbormaster DNRZ
Aeolus A2233 (AL53)
Aeolus Aeolus A2233 (AL53) The A2233 is engineered for severe service applications such as mines, rock quarries, solid waste facilities, and waste transfer stations. Featuring a bolstered sidewall that minimizes tire damage, the A2233 also features a cut and impact resistant compound to minimize tire damage and downtime.
Aeolus A2235 (AR25)
Aeolus Aeolus A2235 (AR25) The Aeolus AR25 is engineered specifically for use on mobile cranes and is DOT approved.
Aeolus A2236 (AL36)
Aeolus Aeolus A2236 (AL36) ◦Articulated Dump Truck ◦Loader ◦Rigid Dump Truck
Aeolus A2239 (AE59)
Aeolus A2366 (AIN46)
Aeolus ASnow
LD 250
Titan LD 250 Extra deep tread provides excellent rock type damage resistance and long tread life.
Lift Rigger II
Titan Lift Rigger II Drive Rear Tractor Tires for wet or moist soil conditions
Titan MOTOR GRADER HD G-2 Has a proven performance tread design
Rock Service
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