OTR Safety

Fountain Tire offers mining and OTR tire warranty coverage through the tire manufacturer. Any OTR product purchased from Fountain Tire is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials as outlined by various manufacturers' policies. For further details on warranty service, contact our mining service operations office.


Training 1

Fountain Tire Mine Service Ltd. Is dedicated to providing the training required to insure our on-site personnel have all the skills required to do their job safely.

Training 2

Safety Week 1 provides training for forklifts, tire manipulators, truck mounted crane and basic First Aid.

Tire Industry Association logo

All Fountain Tire mine Service tire technicians spend their first week in our Kamloops branch completing the TIA courses.


Service Technician Training and Qualifications:

Fountain Tire Mine Service has a three stage in-house training program where an apprentice technician will work only on a site under the guidance of a fully qualified experienced service technician. After a reasonable amount of exposure in this capacity (usually six months) the apprentice technician will enter a second stage training where they will continue to work with an experienced technician but with more hands on experience in all capacities. At this stage the apprentice technician will be exposed to a week of training at a off the road tire factory where they obtain a good understanding on how large tires are manufactured and obtain knowledge of how various components interact within the tire. In the third and final stage, after a year of supervised hands on tire experienced the technician, after successfully completing the TIA (Tire Industry Association) off the road training exam will become a fully certified Fountain Tire Mine Service tire technician, trained in all aspects of tire service, related safety practices and procedures. Our fully trained technicians at this stage of their careers will go through a week of training on tire field engineering practices so they can assist the client in reducing tire costs through improved tire operation practices and reducing site operating influences that negatively effect tire performance.

On a yearly basis Fountain Tire Mine Service holds a training/safety week at our operations facility in Kamloops BC. Training classes on work practices relating to tire industry best practices and procedures, accreditations in areas such as forklift operating, knuckle boom operation, tire equipment maintenance and first aid is conducted during this week. Although the principle focus of this week is training, the weeks affords an excellent opportunity for our technicians to interact with fellow technicians from other mine-sites and share experience and knowledge obtain while servicing different equipment types at various operations.

Safety Program and Statistics:

Fountain Tire has a comprehensive safety program which details assignment of responsibilities and accountability for safety. The program of safety excellence continues its pace through the Fountain Tire organization. The year 2008 saw Fountain Tire earn the Certificate of Recognition “COR” from Worksafe BC and the Construction Safety Network. The program of Safety Excellence is not simply the pursuit and achievement of certifications and awards: Fountain Tire's true objective is that each one of our Associates - and every customer and contractor- return to their homes in the same shape in which they arrived, whole and unbroken. The goal of Zero Safety incidents is a real and tangible thing that is deep-rooted at Fountain Tire and one that grows deeper each day.

One of the statistical formulas used extensively within the Mining Industry for the measure of safety initiatives is the “Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF). We at Fountain Tire Mine Service have included a spreadsheet with our last three years TRIF stats. Although our TRIF value is higher than our target the figure is consider good for our industry and better than our major competitor in this regard.

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All the Fountain Tire Mine Service operations
are exclusively dealt from these locations:
Fountain Tire Mine Service:
130 Lafarge Road, Kamloops, BC
Ph: (250) 573-5315; 1-888-637-7687
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North Vancouver Office:
1096 Roosevelt Crescent
North Vancouver, BC
Ph: (604) 988-6845
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