Ultra Grip Ice WRT (CUV/SUV)

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Ultra Grip Ice WRT (CUV/SUV)

Position Statement: 
An SUV and CUV Tire for enhanced traction in changing winter conditions
Winter Grip tread compound
Directional tread pattern
2D (two-dimensional) blades in the center zone
3D (three-dimensional) TredLock Technology blades in the shoulder zone
Outfitted for optional metal studs*
Offers enhanced traction on ice and snow-covered roads from season to season
Helps channel water and slush away from the tire for enhanced winter traction and handling
Offer enhanced starting and stopping power on snow and ice
Offer enhanced wet and winter traction and lock together for confident grip in turns
For enhanced traction in winter driving conditions
Tire Size Product Code Load Rating Weight Rim Width Overall Width Trd Depth Spd Rating
(lbs) (in) (in) (32nds)
245/65R17 754151371 43.96 13 107S
265/65R18 754644371 SL 40.85 8 272 13 114S
265/70R17 754154371 43.96 13 115S
225/70R16 754150371 43.96 13 103S
235/70R16 754568371 43.96 13 106S
275/65R18 754638371 SL 40.85 8 279 13 116S
265/65R17 754153371 43.96 13 112S
265/70R16 754564371 43.96 13 112S
265/60R18 754525371 SL 31.47 13 110S
275/55R20 754636371 SL 40.85 8.5 284 13 113S
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