Softrac II

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Softrac II

Position Statement: 
Quality Implement I-2 Tire with High Flotation
1. Wide, flat tread
2. Button tread design
3. Dependable traction on or off the road
1. Good flotation
2. Minimal ground disruption
Tire Size Product Code Load Rating Weight Rim Width Overall Width Trd Depth Spd Rating
(lbs) (in) (in) (32nds)
21.5L-16.1 SL 4FS349 E10 176 30
21.5L-16.1 SL 4FS3A9 C6 170 30
19.5L-24 4FS061 E10 176 27
16.5L-16.1 SL 4FS3M2 C6 122 20
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