Armorsteel KDM-I

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Armorsteel KDM-I

Position Statement: 
1. Aggressive tread design with deep tread depth
2. Isolated-element tread pattern
3. Unique blading pattern
4. Tread radius
5. All-steel casing and belts
1. Help provide even treadwear.
2. Helps promote excellent traction.
3. Enhances the performance and appearance as the tire begins to wear.
4. Helps distribute pressure evenly over the footprint for uniform treadwear and long tread life.
5. Enhance toughness and help increase casing life.
Tire Size Product Code Load Rating Weight Rim Width Overall Width Trd Depth Spd Rating
(lbs) (in) (in) (32nds)
295/75R22.5 358817762 G 114.59 8.25 305 26 144
11R22.5 358307319 H16 131.6 8.25 282 26 146
11R24.5 358308319 H16 139.96 8.25 282 26 149
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