Eagle F1 Supercar G2 ROF

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Eagle F1 Supercar G2 ROF

Position Statement: 
Race-Inspired, ultra high performance dry traction for select supercars.
Race-inspired ultra high performance tread compound
Asymmetric, directional tread design with massive tread blocks on the outboard side of the tread
Sweeping Aquachannel grooves on the inboard side of the tread
Innovative multi-radius mold shape
Serrated band sidewall styling with distinctive lettering
Helps provide excellent dry traction
Helps enhance dry cornering grip
Help enhance wet cornering grip
Helps offer precise handling and smooth, even wear
Offers an ultra high performance appearance
Tire Size Product Code Load Rating Weight Rim Width Overall Width Trd Depth Spd Rating
(lbs) (in) (in) (32nds)
P325/30ZR19 408029331 LL 33.17 11.5 330 8 94Y
P325/30ZR19 408029330 LL 33.17 11.5 330 8 94Y
P275/35ZR18 408561330 LL 28.05 9.5 277 8 87Y
P275/35ZR18 408561331 LL 28.34 9.5 277 8 87Y
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