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Assurance Fuel Max

Position Statement: 
Goodyear's best tire for enhanced fuel savings plus confident traction in changing weather conditions. Save up to 4,000 km worth of gas over the life of 4 tires (based on Goodyear's internal testing).
Fuel-Saving Tread Compound
Wet Tread Zone with Dual Aquachannel Grooves
Dry Tread Zone with Solid Shoulder Blocks
Zigzag microgrooves and center tread notches
Helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls to save up to 2,600 miles/4,000 kilometres worth of gas over the life of a set of four tires
Helps evacuate water away from the treadface for great traction on wet roads
Helps enhance handling and grip for confident maneuvering on dry pavement
Help grip the road in rain and light snow for all-season performance
Tire Size Product Code Load Rating Weight Rim Width Overall Width Trd Depth Spd Rating
(lbs) (in) (in) (32nds)
215/60R16 738704571 SL 21.49 6.5 221 10 95H
P185/60R15 738273571 SL 17.13 5.5 188 11 84T
P215/55R16 738026571 SL 21.33 7 226 11 91H
P195/65R15 738274571 SL 18.6 6 201 11 89H
P215/65R17 738432571 SL 23.26 6.5 221 11 98T
P225/55R17 738201571 SL 23.12 7 234 9 95H
215/55R17 738340571 SL 19.06 9 94V
225/50R17 738372571 SL 22.66 7 234 11 94V
215/65R16 738016571 SL 21.81 6.5 221 11 98T
215/70R15 738280571 SL 22.17 6.5 221 11 98T
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