Testimonial from R Clauson Logging

We run about 16 big logging trucks and they all have trailers behind them. We’ve also got about 45 pickups on the road. Additionally we have skidders and floaters that use rubber as well and the chains that go with them, Fountain Tire looks after all of this.

Client  Testimonial from R. Clauson LoggingTheir service is good, they help me get rid of headaches. They sell me the products and then they mount them and look after them. We have flat repairs and ongoing services done, and they carefully look after the tires right from the beginning until they wear out.

We get yard checks done more often in the summer than the winter when it’s a bit easier on the tires. Our summer program is set up to have Kelly or one of his best tire guys inspect our trucks and trailers every Friday.

I would say Fountain Tire’s service is close to extraordinary, on a scale from 1 to 10 they’re definitely a 9.5. I’m looked after 24/7 and never left without service, even if we’re out in the bush; they’ll come help us anywhere we’re working and sometimes that’s about a 2 or 3 hour drive out of town. I’ve worked in Prince George and they looked after me there as well, wherever I am -  they’ll come and look after me.

All my stories with Fountain Tire are good. When I call for help they come and it doesn’t matter if it’s minus 30 degrees, snowing or blowing they’re like the mailman, they come through for me.

Rick Clauson
R Clauson Logging
Quesnel, B.C.
Logging Industry

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