Testimonial from DCT Chambers Trucking Ltd

The bulk of our business is hauling wood chips or wood residual like saw dust in the Southern half of BC. We also have flat decks that do various loads in Northwestern United States or Western part of Canada.

To us one of the most important services Fountain Tire offers is probably the recapping. They’re always trying to make a difference in retreading, from looking at the ‘recap-ability’ of tires based on age of tire, to determining why a tire should or should not be retreaded. The information they’ve provided us, from their analyzing of all the tires that have gone in for retreading has been helpful. Retreading is definitely the service we appreciate the most, as it requires more detail and advice than say choosing a new tire does.

Our main contact is Blaine Mackenzie, Corporate Sales Manager, so if issues about billing or a question as far as a tire or retread comes up we contact him directly. Blaine is excellent, he has a great attitude, gets back to us immediately and listens to our side of the story; overall he does an excellent job.

What stands out about Fountain Tire is simply their attitude and willingness to try and help in certain situations and make improvements where needed. Their people are very good, they don’t expect the business, they’re working for it.  They’ve got a good attitude.

Dennis Squire
Purchasing Manager
DCT Chambers Trucking Ltd
Vernon, B.C.
Bulk Hauling Industry

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