Safety Excellence

At Fountain Tire, the program of Safety Excellence is recognized as one of our strongholds towards achieving goals of growth and expansion across Canada.

Since the implementation of the program of Safety Excellence, we have seen the awareness of Safety increase, as well as the recognition that Safety belongs in every business and is the responsibility of each business owner and operator. The benefits realized in various Fountain Tire businesses include the reduction of safety related incidents, implementation of Early Return to Work programs, awarding of a Certificate of Recognition (COR), and reduction in premiums as a result of positive safety behaviors. The Safety Excellence program has benefited all, including our most valued assets, our associates – which was reflected in the very strong safety rating provided in the 2010 associate survey results.

Safety Excellence is a way of doing business at Fountain Tire, and is becoming entrenched in our culture. We must all work in cooperation and collaboration with our business partners to continue to improve and achieve an even higher level of safety awareness and outcomes.

We must continue to envision and have a mindset of the importance and benefits of a successful Health and Safety program, and how it contributes to the overall strategic goals of Fountain Tire. Everyone associated with Fountain Tire has a role and responsibility in the implementation and improvement of the program of Safety excellence.

All Fountain Tire businesses must continue to commit to complying with Safety legislations such as The Occupational Health and Safety Act, provincial Safety Codes, and provincial Workers’ Compensation Boards, by ensuring that the program of Safety Excellence is carried out diligently at all locations.

I encourage all associates, visitors, contractors and customers to work with us to ensure that Safety at Fountain Tire is a matter of continual concern, equal in importance to all other operational considerations and meets our utmost goal – for everyone to return home safely.

Yours in Safety,

Brent Hesje
CEO, Fountain Tire

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