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Why Retread?

After fuel, tires can be the next largest cost for your vehicle. Retreading is a good alternative to buying new tires as it can help lower tire expenses. By salvaging an existing tire casing and applying a new tread, you can receive a better cost per kilometre per tire.

In addition to realizing significant cost savings with retreading, retreaded tires are a safe quality product. In many cases, companies will choose a retread on a premium casing over purchasing an expensive new tire. Retreading is also an environmentally friendly process as three or four lives out of a casing is very achievable. Every year in North America, the use of retreads saves over 1.8 billion litres of oil that would otherwise be used in the manufacturing of new tires.

It is a common myth that all the rubber that you see on the highway comes from retreads. In actuality, most of the rubber on the highway comes from truckers who have tried to keep driving with a flat tire, and more often than not, it is a new tire rather than a retread. With the manufacturing process used in retreading today, it is almost impossible for a tread to separate from the casing.

Retread with Your Original Tread Design

Because of our close relationship with Goodyear, Fountain Tire has access to retread designs that are identical to original equipment new tire designs. Goodyear is the only manufacturer in the world who can offer a retread program where customers can retread their original Goodyear tire with a design that was on the truck tires when it was purchased. With this identical design, customers can expect the same high mileage and service from the retread that they receive from the original tire.


This sophisticated system tracks the tire from the time it is first retreaded to when it is taken out of service and discarded, allowing you to determine which tire offers the lowest cost per mile.


Each Fountain Tire associate working in our retread centres is formally trained as set out in the Goodyear Authorized Retread Process. As such, our associates act in the customers' best interest and has the authorization to reject any unsafe or unusable casing at any point in the retread process. Any one of our Fountain Tire stores throughout Western Canada would be happy to service your retread needs.

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